Cancer patients evaluate the Patient Empowerment Kit

The Patient Empowerment Kit is currently being evaluated by cancer patients in the EU-funded research project Heracles. This is part of a larger field study which aims at identifying barriers and possibilities for implementing the kit in the German and Danish healthcare systems. The kit is the result of an extensive co-design process wherein cancer patients have been involved in order to share their coping tactics and self-managing strategies for maintaining life quality during illness when diagnosed with cancer. Many cancer patients make use of various self-managing strategies which help them deal, for instance, with the side-effects of traditional treatment; or they complement their treatment with life style changes or alternative treatment. The Patient Empowerment Kit contains a number a self-managing strategies exchanged by cancer patients to other patients.

In conducting the field study in Germany we are grateful for the invaluable support and collaboration we have with German and Danish cancer patients, Schleswig-Holsteinishe Krebsgesellschaft and our partners Felix Prell, Julia Lyhs and Antje-Franziska Knauff.

The field study is expected to be completed in the spring 2021.

Heracles is financially supported by EU-Interreg 5a.

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