What can design of social games tell us about troubled prisoner families?

Together with our close research collaborators Valentijn Visch from T. U. Delft and Ed Tan from Copenhagen University we have looked into a number of interviews that we have made with prisoner fathers and their children in Danish prisons. In the interviews prisoner fathers and children were invited to talk about their experiences of playing our social game Captivated during visits in maximum security prisons. The interviews provide valuable insights not into how a game can act as a prompt for family talk, but also how prisoner families use family storytelling to cope with loss, separation and the rebuilding of troubled family ties. To comprehend how this is done, we have developed a conceptual framework for analyzing family interaction and storytelling in social design, which can be found in the article Understanding Dynamics of Identity Navigation in Social Design, published in the Proceedings of the DRS’2020 Conference held online and hosted by Griffith University, Australia.

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