What is Design Fiction?

Design fiction is about merging fictional literary practices and speculative artistic craftmanship in order to engage in critical ways of future making in design.


The social design unit has previously worked with Danish authors Kaspar Colling Nielsen and Peter Adolphsen with the aim at exploring new ground conditions for design. Colling Nielsen’s dystopian vision of a Danish civil war (2018-2025) has been our starting point for a design-based inquiry into the as yet unknown socio-cultural consequences of the financial and economic crises; and Adolphsen’s speculations of a pandemic wrinkle fucking disease set stage in 2016 for a collective design and theatre performance.


The Role of Fiction in Experiments within Design, Art & Architecture: towards a new typology of Design Fiction

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The Poetics of Design Fiction

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Thomas Markussen and Eva Knutz, Department of Design & Communication, University of Southern Denmark